Basic workflow

There are essentially three basic steps to be followed to run a calculation using the cloud API(s)

  1. Login request to the OLI Cloud authentication endpoint using user credentials. The JWT(JSON Web Token obtained in this step will be passed in the authorization header in all subsequent calls to the API)

  2. Upload a chemistry model file (.dbs) to the upload endpoint and receive the file id.

  3. Send a request to a specific calculation endpoint with required JSON input in body payload. The chemistry model file will be part of calculation endpoint URL

  4. Poll on the results link obtained from step 2 until calculation is processed and result is obtained in JSON format

Once a chemistry file is uploaded and a file id is obtained, it is not necessary to reupload the file again for subsequent calculations. Only the file id is needed

A basic block diagram of this calculation workflow is given below. Click on image to expand

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