Corrosion contact surfaces

This function is used to obtain the name of contact surface metals which OLI supports for corrosion rate calculations.

corrosion contact surface


get the corrosion contact surfaces applicable for the given chemistry model


	"code": 200,
	"data": {
		"file_id": "dee854a6-59db-487d-ad08-a20dee691133",
		"jobId": "f6b3375e-cd0f-4ace-a5ee-71e047b76754",
		"resultsLink": "",
		"status": "IN PROGRESS"
	"message": "Process execution started Successfully",
	"status": "SUCCESS"

Response (status = PROCESSED)

    "data": {
        "result": {
            "contactSurfaces": {
                "Aluminum": [
                    "Aluminum 1199 (pure)",
                    "Aluminum 1100"
                "Copper based alloy": [
                    "CuNi 9010",
                    "CuNi 7030"
                "Iron/Mild steel": [
                    "Fe (zone refined)",
                    "Fe (pure)",
                    "Carbon steel G10100 (generic)",
                    "Carbon steel A212B",
                    "Carbon steel A216",
                    "Carbon steel 1018"
                "Nickel based alloy": [
                    "Alloy 600",
                    "Alloy 690",
                    "Alloy 825",
                    "Alloy 625",
                    "Alloy C-276",
                    "Alloy C-22",
                    "Alloy 28",
                    "Alloy 29",
                    "Alloy 2535",
                    "Alloy 2550"
                "Stainless steel": [
                    "13%Cr stainless steel",
                    "Super13Cr stainless steel",
                    "Super15Cr stainless steel",
                    "Super17Cr stainless steel",
                    "Stainless steel 304",
                    "Stainless steel 316",
                    "Alloy 254SMO",
                    "Duplex stainless 2205",
                    "Duplex stainless 2507"
    "message": "Results returned successfully",
    "status": "PROCESSED"

The keys inside data.result.contactSurfaces are the class names of contact surface metals. Each class holds the available contact surface metals under it. Not all class names might be shown in the result. This depends on the metal element inflows that are specified in the chemistry model.

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