Include Inflows

The "inflow" field is utilized to select all the species necessary to construct a chemistry model file. This field is mandatory, and all input species must be included in the public or private databank selected with the thermodynamic framework. To verify if a species exists in a thermodynamic framework and its associated databanks, use the Species Query method and check if the species are listed in the output array.

The "inflows" field is an array of JSON objects containing a valid list of species. The order in which species are added is not significant, and specific species can be enabled or disabled as needed using the "enabled" switch.

Here is an example of the "inflows" field:

"inflows": [
        "name": "H2O"
        "name": "NACL"
        "name": "BENZENE",
        "enabled": false

Assays and PseudoComponents are also considered inflow species. For further details, please refer to the respective subpages.

Only OLI tags are permitted in the inflow. Please refer Species Queryto retrieve the OLI tags for each species. OLI tags should always be written in uppercase.

"H2O" will always be automatically included as an inflow species by default.

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