Known issues and Limitations

Known issues

  • JSON input passed as input in http body needs to be UTF-8 encoded. If not this could cause undefined behavior.

  • Values for unit entries need to be specified as given in this document. Error in this input could cause undefined behavior. This issue is being resolved at the moment

  • Currently, in some unusual cases, there may be some discrepancy between units chosen for output and the units that are actually used.

  • When an equilibrium calculation fails or when there is bad user input, there could be cases when the http response status could be still be 200 OK. Please verify the data object to be sure i.e. error object or result object. The data object will contain information on the state of the last call


  • Currently there is no way to generate a chemistry model file(.dbs) directly with the cloud API(s). This capability is currently in development.

  • Currently the cloud API(s) do not support ScaleChem specific calculations. This capability is currently in development.

  • Batch calculations on the same chemistry model are not supported. The user would have to issue individual requests for each calculation

  • System limits:

    • max queue: Maximum number of calculations that can be queued

    • max concurrency: Maximum simultaneous calculations that can be performed

  • In the event that an computation engine crash occurs, the backend could take up to 1 minute to respond to the error during the polling cycle.

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