Include Private Databanks

Private databanks enable users to incorporate a diverse range of species not present in the default OLI databases. If a species exists solely in a user's private databank or a supplemental OLI databank , the user must provide this data to ensure the species is accurately included in the analysis.

Private databanks are associated with specific thermodynamic frameworks. First, a thermodynamic framework must be selected. Then, a list of the private databank codes to be used is specified as a JSON array. A private databank code typically consists of the first three letters of the private databank name in uppercase. To verify the validity of a databank code, users are encouraged to call the databank query method to obtain a list of supported private databank codes.

"privateDatabanks" is an optional field in the JSON input file.

Here is an example with multiple private databanks selected:

"privateDatabanks": ["EXC", "COR"], # ion exchange and corrosion in Aqueous model

Here is an example without any private databanks specified:

"privateDatabanks": [], # No private databanks used;

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