Redox Query

The input inflow species may contain elements that react and change their oxidation states, which should be accurately accounted for in the calculation. Certain metal elements like Iron and Zinc have all their valence states enabled by default, while others like Chlorine may require user selections. The Redox query lists each element's oxidation states, enabling users to view available valence states and generate a template format that can be readily applied in the Chemistry Builder input JSON file.

Request Payload

	"params": {
	"thermodynamicFramework": "Aqueous (H+ ion)",
	"privateDatabanks": [
	"inflows": [
			"name": "H2O"
			"name": "NACL"
			"name": "FECL3"

paramsrequiredtype description



The name of thermodynamic framework (e.g. Aqueous (H+ ion))


Array of String

The array of private data bank codes (e.g. "COR" and "CER")


Array of JSON Object

The array of JSON object containing a valid identity of inflow species (e.g. {"name": "CO2"} for carbon dioxide)

Response (status=SUCCESS)

If no run-time errors are encountered, the Query output with the requested contents will be available for users to view.

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