Isothermal flash

This method is the most common thermodynamic flash function and is used to determine the equilibrium solution output at a constant temperature and pressure.



run an isothermal flash calculation


	"code": 200,
	"data": {
		"file_id": "dee854a6-59db-487d-ad08-a20dee691133",
		"jobId": "f6b3375e-cd0f-4ace-a5ee-71e047b76754",
		"resultsLink": "",
		"status": "IN PROGRESS"
	"message": "Process execution started Successfully",
	"status": "SUCCESS"

Request payload

    "params": {
        "temperature": {
            "value": 30.0,
            "unit": "°C"
        "pressure": {
            "value": 1.5,
            "unit": "atm"
        "inflows": {
            "unit": "mol",
            "values": {
                "H2O": 50.0,
                "CO2": 10.0,
                "NACL": 20.0,
                "BENZENE": 10.0

In addition to the inputs shown above, some optional properties may also be specified. They can be viewed here.

If kinetic reactions are defined in the chemistry model, kinetic calculation inputs are required to be specified. A detailed description can be found here.

Response (status = PROCESSED)

The output of this calculation is the stream output which is common result output for all OLI's flash calculations or an error.

Survey Calculation

Survey calculation is supported for the variables below. Please refer to Survey calculation for explained input schema.

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