Databank Query

When dealing with species not readily available in public databanks within a thermodynamic framework, users can turn to a private databank. The databank query assists users in verifying if the species is supported by the private databank linked to a thermodynamic framework. Additionally, since the list of species in a databank changes over time and users may struggle to keep track of versions and associated species, the databank query streamlines the process by offering an up-to-date list of all species in both public and private databanks.

        "thermodynamicFramework": "Aqueous (H+ ion)",
        "privateDatabanks": ["COR", "CER"]
paramsrequired typeDescription



The name of thermodynamic framework (e.g. Aqueous (H+ ion))


Array of String

The array of private data bank codes (e.g. "COR" and "CER")

The private databank is an optional field. If a user lists the private databanks, all the species contained in these databanks will be displayed in the output.

The valid code representing a private databank can be accessed using Query Output Results

Response (status=SUCCESS)

If no run-time errors are encountered, the Query output with the requested contents will be available for users to view.

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